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I love the music a bunch, it hits some great fantasy grooves-- but I noticed you don't have the album art on these! Is there any chance you'd update the packs to include your album art or even your logo in the rars? It would also help with attributing to you, I think.

thanks for being a part of the racial justice bundle!! are the soundfonts available anywhere? :0

great job!

Thanks man, Really appreciated!


Thanks for being a part of the Racial Justice Bundle!

I used some of your music in my VR game:


An honor for me to be part of the bundle.

Wow! niiicee. The game looks great. How long did it take you to develop it?

Thanks to you for using my music on your game! Stay safe.

I worked on it for about a week, but many hours each day.  I'm experienced with Unity, though this is my first VR project.  Trying to make smaller-scoped titles to bolster my skills.